About PhantomRanch.NET

Trail Boss When I lived in Simi Valley, California, home of Ray "Crash" Corrigan's famous movie ranch "Corriganville," I joined a local B-Westerns and serials video viewing club called the Trail Riders of the West. For a long time, the group met at the marvelous Marr Ranch. Later, the meetings alternated at the various club members' homes, each of whom had a "handle" and an appropriate name for his diggin's, such as Bandit's "Coach Inn," Buck's "Double J Bar 20 Ranch," Cherokee Slim's "Happy Hogan," Chester's "Long Branch Ranch," Dusty's "OK Corral," Golden Grizz's "Cave," Roper's "Marr-velous Ranch," Slick's "Ponderosa Ranch," and Thunder Eagle's "North Forty Ranch." Shortly after I'd joined, the club's poet "lariat," Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey, penned a poem about me titled "The Phantom Side Kick." When it was my turn to host one of the club's meetings, I had to pick a name for the ol' homestead and Colorado's "Phantom Ranch" just kinda clicked.

Ever since the early 1990s, my home has always been known as "Phantom Ranch" to Westerner and non-Westerner alike. Then when I decided to work on a personal website and was kicking around some names for my "home" page, "Phantom Ranch" was a natural. So, riders and riderettes, no, my home and my website were not named for the Phantom Ranch that is part of the Grand Canyon National Park Lodges, it just seems that way!