Cow Chippers

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey


Driving the herd

During the pioneer days of the 19th Century, through America's wilderness,
When longhorns bawled on endless plains making roundup time their quest,
Rumor has it down in the story books as history came to pass
They grazed the fields and hills and draws of most every nub of grass.

Now this proved a boon for the cattle barons. It fattened all their purses.
But it left behind one sorryfied tale that I'll relate in the next few verses.
It seems as the beef population of heifers and steers grew bigger,
They developed quite a predicament that no one'd ever figure.

What i'm really talking about my friends is their leavings on the trail.
'Bout that abominable pile of Pitiful Pyuck every time they'd lift their tail.
After a while most everywhere you'd step a cow cake would greet your boot
And give your feet a coat of green that did wonders for your snoot.

This didn't set right with the feminine folk as I recall this yarn.
When their men displayed that offensive aroma they'd have to sleep in the barn.
Well after shuddering a few nights in the haystacks, they came upon a plan
That was agreeable to every cowpoke in that wild and wooly land.

They gathered in the more dried-up discs and had themselves a show
And gave prizes and lots of coveted stuff to the ones with the farthest throw.
Folks arrived from far and near with picnic sacks and such
To have their go at the cowchip throw and their trophies all to clutch.

They also came to play and sing and do the do-si-do,
And swore they'd tell about the titilating toss to everyone they know.
Well that 'bout rid the paths of dogie doo and also caused some fun,
And started a trend with no soon end and supported by everyone.

That all began a long time ago but it's alive and running today.
They're still heaving those bovine Frisbees, that once started out as hay.
And it was Beaver, Oklahoma, that first started out this mess
That's spread like wind-driven wildfire to the North, East, South and West.

The Sooner folks can sure stand proud, they started an institution,
And they deserve three cheers for coming up with such a fine solution.
Well that's my swore-true legend pals. It's so as the sun does shine.
Now sit down there and tell me a tale more interesting than mine.

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey - July 20, 1994

Will Cherokee Slim Lacey