Ermal Plays the Duke

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey


Ermal Williamson

The world looks up to symbols that stand for might and right
That let us know which way is just, to carry on life's fight.
And ther's one name in particular that ranges near the top of that list,
If we didn't add "John Wayne, humanitarian," we'd certainly be remiss.

He took up for the little guy in most of his starring roles
And he had a source of ingrown pride that seemed to spring from the soul.
Everyone sooner or later's related to The Duke's vliant air.
Somehow just saying his name spreads good feelings everywhere.

Well, The Duke headed home some time ago to ride for heaven's brand.
Now some talented hands have grabbed the reins to perpetuate this man.
Ermal Williamsoon now brings to the fore the dignified Wayne persona,
Emitting the same integrity through The Duke's own walk and manner.

You'd think our hero still was here just watching this man perform.
When Williamson does his John Wayne stroll, magic's surely born.
I'm not so sure The Duke's own hand isn't guiding Ermal along,
And every time I hear that familiar drawl, I feel his presence strong.

Walking the decks of The Duke's own boat is Ermal's favorite place,
Sharing anecdotes with honored guests puts a smile on his face.
The timbers of The Wild Goose yacht still echo John Wayne's voice
In the form of Ermal Williamson through every beam and joist.

If I had to choose from this artist's work, it'd be John Mitchum's little ditty
Called "America, Why I Love Her." It's nothing less than pretty.
Patriotism surges through your bones when you hear The Duke recite
And Ermal takes it to a higher level each and every night.

Yes, Ermal has that John Wayne aura down to a perfect ring,
And he surely enjoys this demanding role more than anything.
So, keep it up my good friend, you're a credit to your creed.
You're unselfishly giving us something this country really does need.

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey - November 29, 1994

Will Cherokee Slim Lacey