Look-Alikes to the Stars

by Dick "Colorado" Oakes

There they are, the four of them, walking in the Lone Pine Film Festival parade. Well, it's not really them; it can't be of course. They're gone now — but the tears in your eyes seem to tell you something different. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear . . .

Ermal -Duke- Williamson

Ermal "Duke" Williamson
Ermal Williamson is equally at ease in the role of Gary Cooper as he is with that of John Wayne.
Didja know, Ermal "remarried" Dick and Carol Oakes around a bonfire in Lone Pine, California, in 1995?

Joe -Hoppy- Sullivan

Joe "Hoppy" Sullivan
Joe Sullivan loves to give talks to kids about Hoppy and Hopalong Cassidy's Creed
for American Boys and Girls. Here Joe is with Topper.

Dale -Gabby- Park

Dale "Gabby" Park
Dale Park looks so much like Gabby, you used to be able to buy one of Dale's photos
on the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum Website!

John E. -Glenn Ford- Ferguson

John "Glenn Ford" Ferguson
Glenn Ford once told John Ferguson,
"You look more like me than I do!" Ain't it th' truth, pardner!

Duke's Hollywood Cowboys

Duke's Hollywood Cowboys
Here's what Duke's Hollywood Cowboys looked like before "Duke" went elsewhere!