Simi Valley

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey



Since midsummer of sixty-four now, it's been my home
Either with wives, kids, or girl friends, or going it alone.
It was kind of easy on my eyes right off the bat,
So I just plopped right down and that's where I'm still at.

I'm talking bout Simi Valley on the warm end of Cal
Where movie stars and Presidents have been known to prowl.
About a hundred thousand souls have moved here since me,
But then this wonder-dale is quite something to see.

What's left of Corriganville is on the east end
Where they made Tarzan and Lone Ranger and Rin Tin Tin
And Gun Smoke and Little House and westerns galore
We're done on Big Sky Ranch plus a whole lot more.

But just the location of this sleepy little place
Is enough to keep a big smile on your face.
It's one hour to the beach or the desert or the woods
Or right to the middle of old Hollywood.

Sometimes earthquakes have us shaking,
And periodically grass fires keep us baking.
There's a rocket testing plant that scares us silly,
And the Rodney King thing kinda gave us the willies.

But the Ronald Reagan Library has just moved in
To this happy vale we call the valley of the winds.
There's shopping and schools and movies and parks
And enough night life to keep you movin' after dark.

Now from Talahassee to Kankakee to Cucamonga to Kokomo
This is the nearest place to visit, I want you to know.
But we've reached the tail end of the building boom,
So don't think of stayin,' 'cause there ain't no more room.

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey - November 29, 1994

Will Cherokee Slim Lacey