Tommy Toughticker

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey


Stuntman Yakima Canutt

The concrete truck rolled over and stopped
At the bottom of the hill.
The director said, "We'll take that shot,
We've filmed the perfect thrill!

The ambulance was sent away.
No, they don't need that thing
'Cause the work was done by Tommy Toughticker,
Stuntman Supreme.

He'd been in hairy situations
Just like this before.
He'd taken the plunge at Niagra Falls
And sailed through many a door.

When actors find a scene too tough,
Or don't want to soil their shirt,
Why, they just call on Tommy Toughticker
To do their dirty work.

He was run over by stampeding buffaloes
In the movie Dances with Wolves.
He said he had his work cut out
Dodging all those hooves.

He's in the Stuntman's Hall of Fame.
He's well renowned and all.
His specialty is the Wall of Flame.
He says he has a ball.

But Tommy's in the hospital now
With a big red-faced smile.
He fell in the shower and broke his toe
Reachin' for a towel.

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey - October 16, 1991

Will Cherokee Slim Lacey