A Trail Rider's Dream

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey


Horse and rider

I had me a dream the other night, I'd like to share with you,
But it wasn't of the ordinary garden variety that I've been accustomed to.
I'd been to a meetin' at the Marvelous Marr over on the edge of town,
And I'd just watched Roy and Dale and Gabby put some bad men down.

That was probably a big influence that made me toss and turn,
but old Grizz's chilli was workin' good and that mighta had a little concern.
I hadn't no more'n drew a couple of snoozes, about a minute or two I'd say,
When I started fantasizin' about the all-time ultimate "Saturday Matinee!"

All the B-Western actors from the Silver Screen showed up and there on my bed
Everyone from Hoppy 'n Gene to Eddie Dean were runnin' around in my head.
But the thing that made it a real big deal and blew my mind, you see,
Was that every hero in every scene were my Trail Rider friends and me.

Yeow, all my pals from the Marr Corral all wore big white Stetsons,
And we had the best horses and shiniest guns like a proud bunch of Texans.
We helped Tom Mix and Whip Wilson catch some cattle thieves,
We chased Yakima Canutt and Terry Frost and brought 'em to their knees.

And I remember just as old Pierce Lyden's gang was about to rob a bank,
Here comes Buck and Durango and J.D. and Slick, I thank.
Anyway, they tied 'em up and took 'em to Judge Roy Bean,
Then went back out with heads held high to keep the wild west clean.

Dusty and Stoney and Colorado, of course, were in there too.
They helped Tex Ritter and Rex Allen catch the Dalton Crew.
And Sunset Carson asked Montana and Brahma and a couple other men
to ride in a posse from Fort Apache with Lee Aaker and Rin Tin Tin.

Boy was that exciting just like when I was a kid,
All them stars and all my pals doing what the heroes did.
Even the Indians like Little Beaver and Tonto and Old Iron Eyes
Were in with our own Redskin Bunch shootin' up the Western skies.

Yeow, Chippewa and Thunder Eagle, Cheyenne and Cherokee Slim
Made Geronimo and Crazy Horse's band look like a Cub Scout den.
Them arrows and them tomahawks used by our trusty tribe
Put a stop to some hairy situations and it's been my pleasure to describe.

And Bandit and Hondo and Texas Red, I saw 'em at Corriganville
With Smiley Burnette and Dub Taylor runnin' up over a hill.
They were trying to catch Slim Pickens and Al Fuzzy St. John,
But befoere you could say "Bad Bud Buster," they'd already up and gone.

Yeow, the Sidekicks too were in my dream and all the mighty steeds,
Old Trigger and Champion and Raider and Duke helped in all the deeds.
And you know, there were our boys Roper and Cowboy doing their parts,
Taking care of all the livestock, now weren't they just sweethearts?

That was really quite a dream I had in Technicolor and all,
Me and my trusty Trail Rider buds were havin' ourselves a ball.
And next Wednesday night when I turn out the light and lay me down to snore,
I hope we'll sit in the saddle and ride the range some more.

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey - November 29, 1994

Will Cherokee Slim Lacey