Trail Rider Tournaments

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey


Trail Rider tournament

Colorado, Dusty Drover, Ermal "Duke" Williamson

I went and cleaned my garage today. Made the dust and cobwebs fly,
'Cause I'm gettin' ready for a tournament in the near sweet bye-and-bye.
Got my coffee can of glassies and all the agates I can find,
For soon it's Smiley Burnette's Straight Shooter Marble Tournament time.

Now, tournaments are an important part of the whole Trail Rider thing.
We throw one every now and then just to make things interesting.
Watching B-Westerns is our main passion and maybe picking the acting apart,
But those contests hold a favored spot right next to our hearts.

Last year at Lee Barker's Horseshoe Toss, Durango was the winner,
But the real champion was the fun we all had and the dandy pot-luck dinner.
And at the Great Red Ryder B.B. Shootout, Colorado claimed the prize,
But candidly he didn't have a bit more fun than the rest of the gals and guys.

And yes, the Terry Frost Fast Draw Show-Down and the Roping Roper's bash
Display another side of our gallant group and add a little form and flash.
We also have Tournament Terrors at the meetings every now and then --
They're short and sweet but kinda neat and welcomed by all the men.

Like the Boot Hill Rubber Gun Shootout that's arriving pretty soon,
And Targets of the Pistoleros that rings of the movie High Noon.
Any competition that's interesting and brings back thoughts of our youth
Is well received by us video buffs and our trophies hold the proof.

We're always adding or changing things and welcoming new ideas.
So why not a Chippewa's Mighty Archery Battle or A Cap Gun Shootout by Grizz.
We could conceivabley even have a Miss Joyce's Jump Rope Free-For-All,
Or maybe a Peggy Stewart's Annual Pajama Party or something else off the wall.

To wind this up, the tournaments surely add spice to our crafty band.
We'll draw, lasso, and boast, and ring the post as long as we all can stand.
And it's really a lot of fun to win, but does it matter who's last or best?
As long as we keep the credo of The Trail Riders of the West.

By Will "Cherokee Slim" Lacey - November 29, 1994

Will Cherokee Slim Lacey