Landslides / Mudslides

Compiled by Dick Oakes


Landslides and mudslides occur in all states and territories, and can be caused by a variety of factors including earthquakes, storms, and fires. Areas that are not coverd by vegetation, especially following a fire, are more likely to have landslides or mudslides. This includes sliding, falling, and flowing soil, rock, mud, brush, and trees, particularly during or after heavy rains. Landslides can occur quickly, often with little notice. Slow-moving landslides can cause significant property damage, but they usually do not cause injury or death.


Mudslides are much more dangerous than landslides. Mudslides can easily exceed speeds of ten miles per hour and often flow at rates of more than twenty miles per hour. Because mudslides travel much faster than landslides, they can cause deaths, injuries, and significant property damage. Mudslides can occur quickly, often with little notice, and the best way to prepare is to stay informed about changes in and around your home that could signal that a landslide mudslide is likely to occur.

Prepare for Landslides / Mudslides

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