Federation Artwork

By Dick Oakes


Oakes Associate Membership Card in the Federation, South Of the many Folk Dance Federation of California, South, designs I created, I only kept a few (hindsight is 20-20, you know!). Happy dancing! ~Dick Oakes

Gandy Dancers flyer

1965 Gandy Dancers flyer

  Folk Dance Scene Form

1965 Scene Form

Statewide Festival Program May 1967

1967 Statewide Program

  Advertisment for Super Party

1976 Super Party

  San Diego After Party - May 1967

1976 SD After Party

  Hungarian Costume Workshop


San Diego State University Map


  San Diego State University Folk Dance Conference 1985

San Diego 1985

  San Diego State University Folk Dance Conference 1985

San Diego 1985

Idyll Workshop Advertisement 1978-1

Idyllwild Ad 1987-1

  Idyllwild Workshop Advertisement 1978-2

Idyllwild Ad 1987-2

Idyllwild Workshop Advertisement 1978-3

Idyllwild Ad 1987-3

  Idyllwild Workshop Advertisement 1978-4

Idyllwild Ad 1987-4

Idyllwild Workshop Advertisement 1978-5

Idyllwild Ad 1987-5

Idyllwild Flyer 1987

Idyllwild 1987

  Idyllwild Flyer 1988

dyllwild 1988

  Idyllwild Flyer 1989

Idyllwild 1989

  San Diego State University Folk Dance Conference After Party 1976

SD Conf After Party

Statewide Festival Flyer 1987

Statewide Flyer 1987

  Statewide Festival Map 1987

Statewide Map 1987

  Beginners' Festival 1988

Beginners' Festival 1988

Southern California Folk Dance Conference 1987

SCFDC Commencement Party 1987

  California Statewide Festival 1989

Statewide Map 1989

Here are a few Folk Dance Scene covers.

Folk Dance Scene Cover, November 2002

Scene, November 2002
An Intersection Flyer

  Folk Dance Scene Cover, September 2006

Scene, September 2006
Santa Barbara, 1968

  Folk Dance Scene Cover, October 2007

Scene, October 2007
Dick Oakes, Don Green

This is the first beginner's festival.

First Beginner's Festival - July 20, 1975

First Beginner's Festival

  First Beginner's Festival - July 20, 1975

July 20, 1975