Amateur Radio (Ham) Glossary

Compiled by Dick Oakes


This is a supplement to my ham glossary. It has only abbreviations, acronyms, contractions, initialisms, symbols, and synonyms (such as ARRL meaning "American Radio Relay League") and their translations.

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Ø - zero with a stroke

To the top!   A

A - ampere
A-to-D - analog-to-digital
a.m. - ante meridian
A/B - "A" display/"B" display switch
A/D - analog-to-digital
AARS - Army-Amateur Radio System
AC - alternating current
AC - Affiliated Club Coordinator
AC hum - alternating-current hum
ACC - accessory (ACC)
ACI - adjacent-channel interference
ACSB - amplitude-compandored sideband
ADC - analog-to-digital
ADIF - Amateur Data Interchange Format
ADN - advanced digital network
AF - audio frequency
AF-gain - audio-frequency gain
AF signal - audio-frequency signal
AFC - automatic frequency control
AFSK - audio-frequency shift keying
AGC - automatic gain control
AGL - above ground level
AGS - antenna ground system
AGWE - agw packet engine
ALC - automatic level control
AM - amplitude modulation
Amp - ampere
AMSAT - Amateur Satellite
AMTOR - amateur teleprinting over radio
ANARC - Association of North America radio Clubs
ANC - active noise control
ANF - automatic notch filter
ANL - automatic noise limiter
ANR - active noise reduction
ANT - antenna
anti-VOX - anti-voice operated
AP - antenna pattern
APC - automatic power control
APCO - Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International
APO - accessory power outlet
APRS - automatic position reporting system
APS - automatic packet reporting system
AQS - acquisition of signal
ARA - Amateur Radio Association
ARC - Amateur Radio Club
ARDF - amateur radio direction finding
ARDS - Amateur Radio Disaster Services
ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service
ARISS - Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
ARQ - automatic repeat query
ARRL - American Radio Relay League
ARS - Amateur Radio Society
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASL - above sea level
ASR - automatic send-receive
ATS - automatic transfer switch
ATT - attenuator
ATV - amateur television
AVC - automatic volume control
AWG - American wire gauge
Az/El - azimuth/elevation

To the top!   B

B - bel
balun - balanced-to-unbalanced
BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
BBS - bulletin board system
BCB - broadcast band
BCD - binary-coded decimal
BCI - broadcast radio interference
BCL - broadcast listener
Bd - baud
BER - bit error rate
BIPM - International Bureau of Weights and Measures
BPL - Brass Pounders League
BFO - beat frequency oscillator
BPF - band-pass filter
bps - bits per second
BPSK - binary phase shift keying
BNC - bayonet Neill-Concelman
BJT - bipolar-junction transistor

To the top!   C

c- - centi-
C - coulomb
call signal - (See call sign)
CAP - Civil Air Patrol
CATV - cable television
CATVI - cable television interface
CB - Citizen's Band
CBA - callbook address
CBR - cross-band repeater
CC&R - covenents, conditions, and restrictions
CCW - coherent continuous wave
CCW - counterclockwise
CD - compact disc
CE - chief engineer
CEPT - Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations
CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
CG - Channel Guard
CI-V - computer interface version five
CIPM - International Committee for Weights and Measures
CGPM - General Conference on Weights and Measures
CLAR - clarifier
cm - centimeter
CMOS - complementary-symmetry metal-oxide semiconductor
code - Morse code
COR - carrier-operated relay
CPO - code practice oscillator
CPU - central processing unit
CPS - cycles per second
CQ - seek you
CQ DX - seek you foreign country
CSCE - Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination
CTCSS - continuous-tone coded squelch system
CW - clockwise
CW - continuous wave, Morse code
CW filter - continuous wave filter
XTAL - crystal

To the top!   D

d- - deci-
da- - deca-
da- - deka-
D-to-A - digital-to-analog converter
D/A - digital-to-analog converter
DAC - digital-to-analog converter
dB - decibel
dBc - decibels to a carrier
dBd - decibels above a dipole antenna
dBi - decibels above an isotropic antenna
dBm - decibels of the measured power
dBμV - decibels microvolt
dBo - decibels optical gain
dc - direct current
DC - direct current
DC ground - direct current ground
DC voltage - direct current voltage
DCHP - dynamic host configuration protocol
DCS - digital-coded squelch
DFQ - dead full quieting
DMM - digital multimeter
DPDT - double-pole, double-throw
DPSK - differential phase shift keying
DPST - double-pole, single-throw
DRM - digital radio mondiale
DSB - double sideband
DSB-SC - double sideband with suppressed carrier
DSP - digital signal processing
DTCS - digital tone coded squelch
DTMF - dual-tone multi-frequency
DVM - digital voltmeter
DX - distant station
DXCC - DX Century Club
DXer - distant station operator
DXpedition - distant station expedition
dyn - dyne

To the top!   E

e-FCR - Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
e-mail - electronic mail
e.g. - for example
EAS - Emergency Alert System
EBCDIC - extended binary coded decimal interchange code
EBS - Emergency Broadcast System
EC - Emergency Coordinator
ECIA - Electronic Components Industry Association
ecomm - emergency communications
ECSS - exalted-carrier single sideband
ECSSB - exalted-carrier single sideband
EHF - extremely high frequency
EIA - Electronic Industries Association
EIA232 - Electronic Industries Association 232
ELF - extremely low frequency
email - electronic mail
EME - earth-moon-earth
emf - electromotive force
EMI - electromagnetic interference
EMI sleeves - electromagnetic interference sleeves
EOC - Emergency Operation Center
EMP - electromagnetic pulse
EMU - electronic-message unit - Electronic QSL Card Centre
EPROM - electrically programmable read-only memory

To the top!   F

F - farad
F/B - front-to-back ratio
F/S - front-to-side ratio
FA - Friendship Award
fax - facsimile
FCC - Federal Communications Commission
FDM - frequency-division multiplexing
FEC - forward error correction
Feld-Hell - Hellschreiber
FET - field-effect transistor
FFT - fast Fourier transform
FM - frequency modulation
FOC - First Class CW Operators Club
FRC - Federal Radio Commission
FRN - Federal Registration Number
FRS - Family Radio Service
FSK - frequency-shift keying
FSTV - fast-scan television

To the top!   G

G- - giga-
G.I. galvanized iron, Government Issue
G-TOR - Golay-teleprinting over radio
GaAs - gallium arsenide
GCR - General Certification Rule
geocodes - geographical codes
GFCI - ground-fault circuit interrupter
GFI - ground-fault interrupter
GFO - Government Printing Office
GHz - gigahertz
GMRS - General Mobile Radio Service
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GOTA - Get on the Air
GPS - Global Positioning System

To the top!   H

h- - hecta-
h- - hecto- H - henry
Hz - hertz
HAAT - height above average terrain
HASL - height above sea level
HDX - half-duplex
HDTV - high-definition television
Hell - Hellschreiber
HF - high frequency
HF bands - high-frequency bands
HPF - high-pass filter
HSMM - High Speed Multimedia
HSMS - high-speed meteor scatter
HT - high tension
HWA - hot-wire ammeter

To the top!   I

I - intensity
i.e. - that is
I/O - input/output
IARP - International Amateur Radio Permit
IARU - International Amateur Radio Union
IC - integrated circuit
ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAO spelling alphabet - International Civil Aviation Organization spelling alphabet
ICW - interrupted Morse code
ID - identification
IDC - insulation-displacement connector
IF - intermediate frequency
IF shift - intermediate-frequency shift
IFK - incremental frequency keying
IMD - intermodulation distortion
indirect FM - indirect frequency modulation
intermod - intermodulation
IOTA - Islands On The Air
IP - Internet Protocol
IP&E - interconnect, passive and electro-mechanical
IPK - International Prototype Kilogram
IRC - International Reply Coupon
IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project
ISS - International Space Station
ITA2 - International Telegraph Alphabet number 2
ITU - International Telecommunications Union
ITU phonetic alphabet - International Telecommunications Union phonetic alphabet

To the top!   J

J - joule
JFET - junction field-effect transistor
JOTA - Jamboree On The Air
JT65 - Joe Taylor 65 (JT65)
JT65-HF - Joe Taylor 65-High Frequency

To the top!   K

k- - kilo
kc - kilocycle
kg- kilogram
kHz - kilohertz
km - kilometer
KW - kilowatt
kWh meter - kilowatt-hour meter (kWh meter)

To the top!   L

LAN - local area network
LED - light-emitting diode
LCD - liquid-crystal display
LD - ling distance
LF - low frequency
LGL - Local Government Liaison
Li-ion - lithium ion
Litz wire - Litzendraht wire
LO - local oscillator
LORAN - long-range navigation
LOS - loss of signal
LPDA - log-period dipole array
LPF - low-pass filter
lsb - least significant bit
LSB - lower sideband
LUF - lowest usable frequency
LW - long wave

To the top!   M

μ- - micro-
μF - microfarad
μs - microsecond
m - meter
m- - milli-
M- - mega-
mA - milliampere
mag mount - magnetic mount
magnetron - (See vacuum tube)
MARS - Military Affiliate Radio System
Mc - megacycles
MCW - modulated continuous wave
MF - medium frequency
MFSK - multi-frequency-shift keying
medfer - medium-wave-frequency experimental radio
mic - microphone
mic gain - microphone gain
mike - microphone
MHz - megahertz
MOPA - master oscillator, power amplifier
MOSFET - metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor
MPC - multiple-protocol controller
MPE - maximum permissible exposure
MPR - mass-produced rig
MR - memory mode
MUF - maximum useable frequency
MURS - Multi-Use Radio Service
mW - milliwatt
MW - medium wave
MW - megawatt

To the top!   N

N - newton
n- - nano-
NAQCC - North American Low-power Morse-code Club
NARA - National Archives and Records Administration
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO phonetic alphabet - North Atlantic Treaty Organization phonetic alphabet
NB - narrow band
NBFM - narrow band frequency modulation
NBS - National Bureau of Standards
NCJ - National Contest Journal Magazine
NCR - Naval Communication Reserve
NCS - net control station
NEC - National Electrical Code
nF - nanofarad
NiCad - nickel-cadmium
NiCd - nickel-cadmium
NiMH - nickel-metal hydride
NIMS - National Incident Management System
NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
NFM - narrow frequency modulation
NM - Net Manager
NMO - new Motorola mount
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NPN - negative-positive-negative
NR - noise reduction
NRQZ - National Radio Quiet Zone
NTS - National Traffic System
NVIS - near-vertical-incidence-skywave
NWS - National Weather Service

To the top!   O

Ω - Ohm
OES - Official Emergency Station
OFC - off-center-fed antenna
OFDM - orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
OM - old man
OO - Official Observer
OOC - Official Observer Coordinator
op-amp - operational amplifier
ORS - Official Relay Station
OT - old timer
OTS - Official Traffic Station
OTC - Old Timer's Club
OSC - oscillator
OSCAR - Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio

To the top!   P

π pad - pi pad
p- - pico-
P-P - peak-to-peak
p.m. - post meridian; after noon
PA - power amplifier
PAL - phase alteration line
PBBS - Packet Bulletin Board System
PBT - passband tuning
PC - personal computer
PCB - printed circuit board
PCM - pulse-code modulation
PDF - Portable Document Format
PEV - peak envelope voltage
PEP - peak envelope power
pF - picofarad
PIC - programmable interface controller
PIC - Public Information Coordinator
PIN - positive-intrinsic-negative
PIO - Public Information Officer
PIV - peak inverse voltae
PKT - packet radio
PL - private line
PL-259 - plug-259
PLL - phase-locked loop
PM - phase modulation
PM - power meter
PMR446 - personal mobile radio at 446 MHz
PNP - positive-negative-positive
PRB - Private Radio Bureau
preamp - preamplifier
PROM - programmable read-only memory
PS - power supply
PSK - phase shift keying
PSK31 - phase shift keying version 31
PTO - permeability-tuned oscillator
PTT - push-to-talk
PWR - power
PX - press release

To the top!   Q

Q - quality
QC - Quiet Channel
QCWA - Quarter Century Wireless Association
QPSK - quadrature phase shift keying
QSLL - reply card

To the top!   R

R/C - radio-control
RAC - Radio Amateurs of Canada
RACES - Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
radar - radio detection and ranging
RAM - random access memory
RCC - Rag Chewers Club
RCV - receive
rcvr - receiver
RDF - radio direction finding
RF - radio frequency
RF burn - radio frequency burn
RF carrier - radio frequency carrier
RF choke - radio frequency choke
RF exposure - radio frequence exposure
RF feedback - radio frequency feedback
RF gain - radio frequency gain
RF ground - radio frequency ground
RF interference - radio frequency interference
RF radiation - radio frequency radiation
RF safety - radio frequency safety
RF signals - radio frequency signals
RF overload - radio frequency overload
RFI - radio frequency radiation
RG - radio guide
RI - Radio Inspector
RIT - receiver incremental tuning
RMS - radio message servers
RMS - root mean square
RMS voltmeter - root mean square voltmeter
ROM - read-only memory
RSGB - Radio Society of Great Britain
RST - readability, strength, tone
RTMA - Radio-Television Manufacturers Association
RTTY - radioteletype
RWOP - RW open protocol
RX - receive

To the top!   S

S&R - search and rescue
S-meter - signal-strength meter
S-unit - strength unit
S/N - signal-to-noise ratio
SAR - search and rescue
SAR - specific absorption rate
SAREX - Space Amateur Radio Experiment
SASE - self-addressed stamped envelope
SD - standard-definition television
SDR - software-defined radio
SEC - Section Emergency Coordinator
SET - Simulated Emergency Test
SF - standard frequency
SFI - Solar Flux Index
SGL - State Government Liaison
SHF - super-high frequency
SI - International System of Units
SINAD - signal to noise and distortion
SINPO - strength, interference, noise, propogation, overall
SITOR - simplex teletype over radio
SK - Silent Key
SK - straight key
SKCC - Straight Key Century Club
SM - Section Manager
SMA - subminiature version A
SMIRK - Six Meter International Radio Klub
SMT - surface-mount technology
SNP - shared non-protected
SNPF - shared non-protected frequency
SNR - signal-to-noise ratio
SO-239 - socket-239
SOS - distress call
SOS - distress call
SOTA - Summits On The Air
SP - loudspeaker
SPAR - Society for the Preservation of Amateur Radio
SPDT - single-pole, double-throw
speaker mic - speaker microphone
sporadic E-skip - sporadic E-layer skip
SPST - single-pole, single-throw
SQL - squelch
SS - spread-spectrum emissions
SSB - single sideband
SSB-SC - single-sideband suppressed-carrier
SSN - sunspot number
SSTV - slow-scan television
STM - Section Traffic Manager
SW - shortwave
SWL - shortwave listener
SWL - shortwave listening
SWOT - Side Winders On Two
SWR - standing-wave ratio
SWR meter - standing-wave ratio meter

To the top!   T

Τ - period
T- - tera
TC - Technical Coordinator
TCP - Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP - transmission control protocol/Internet protocol
TCXO - temperature-compensated crystal oscillator
TI - talk-in
TNC - terminal-node controller
TNC - threaded Niell-Concelman
TOR - telex-over-radio
TOT - time-out timer
TP - test point
TPTG - tuned plate, tuned grid
T-R switch - transmit-receive switch
T/R switch - transmit-receive switch
TR switch - transmit-receive switch
TRX - transceiver
TS - Technical Specialist
TS - tuning step
TSQL - tone squelch
TTL - transistor-transistor logic
TV - television
TVI - television interference
TX - transmit
TXP - transmit power switch

To the top!   U

UHF - ultra-high frequency
UHF connector - ultra-high frequency connector
UHF mobile - ultra-high frequency mobile
ULS - Universal Licensing System
UN - United Nations
unun - unbalance-unbalance
UPS - uninterruptable power supply
URL - universal resource locator
USB - universal serial bus
USB - upper sideband
UTC - Universal Time Coordinate
UV - ultraviolet
UV protection - ultraviolet protection

To the top!   V

V - volt
ΔV - voltage
VA - volt amperes
VAC - volts alternating current
VCO - voltage-controller oscillator
VDT - video-display terminal
VE - Volunteer Examiner
VEC - Volunteer Examiner Coordinator
VIS - vertical-interval signaling
VFO - variable-frequency oscillator
VHFK - very-high frequency
VHF high band - very-high frequency high band
VHF low bands - very-high frequency low bands
VLCA - very limited coverage area
VLFK - very-low frequency
VMOS - vertical metal-oxide semiconductor
VOA - Voice of America
VoIP - voice over Internet Protocol
VOM - volt ohm meter
VOX - voice-operated transmission
VOX - voice-operated transmit
VPO - pinch-off voltage
VSC - voice scan control
VSC - voice squelch control
VSO - variable crystal oscillator
VSWR - voltage standing wave ratio
VTVM - vacuum tube voltmeter

To the top!   W

λ - wavelength
W - watt
wannabe - want to be
WAB - Worked All Britain
WAC - Worked All Continents
WAN - Worked All Neighbor
WARC - World Administrative Radio Conference
WARC bands - World Administrative Radio Conference bands
WAS - Worked All States
wave - wavelength
WAVE - Worked All VE
WAXE - Worked All XE
WAZ - Worked All Zones
WEFAX - weather facsimile
WFWL - work first, worry later
WCS - Wireless Telecommunications Services
wilco - will comply
WN - wideband/narrowband switch
WOLF - Weak-signal Operation on Low Frequency
wpm - words per minute
WRC - World Radiocommunication Conference
WSJT - weak-signal Joe Taylor
WSPR - weak-signal propagation reporter
WX - weather

To the top!   X

X Section - Experimenters' Section
XCVR - transceiver
XLR - x-series, latch, resilient
XMTR - transmitter
XVTR - transverter

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To the top!   Z

Z - Zulu Time


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