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A Garden of Enchantment

   Gloves, a Cane, a Corsage
   The Ethereal Bouquet
   A Nosegay from Nowhere
   The Florist's Dream
   The Enchanted Cabinet
   A Tale in Brass
   A Tray of Flowers
   Shasti Daisies
   Gigantic Flower Bush
   The Enchanted Garden
   Birth of Flowers
   They Bloom Again

A Story in Silks

   Flight of the Parasol

The Vampire Chest

In Chinatown

   The Wedding of Silks
   In a Chinese Laundry
   The Chinese Dogs
   An Oriental Egg
   Chinese Linking Rings
   The Oriental Gong

Time to Refresh

   What Will You Have?
   In a Magazine
   A Shake for Two

Temple of the Pharoahs

   Two Ladies from the Audience
   It Was Done in Delphi
   The Encyclopedia Test

A Child Commands

   Find the Lady
   The Psychic Duck
   Willie the Snake

The Stratosphere Boy




In a Pet Store

   The Flight of the Canary
   The Temple Dove
   A Shot in the Dark
   Find the Dove
   The Powder Box
   Nesting Time
   A Pair of Warblers
   Fish out of Water

Behind the Scenes

The Counterfeit Dollar

The Operation Chamber

   Driving the Spike
   A Lady's Head Vanishes
   Modernistic Surgery
   The Good Fellow's Column
   A Pair of Pants and a Hat
   What's in a Name?

Ye Olde Clock Shoppe

   A Watchmaker's Dream
   A Newspaper Ad
   What Time Is It?
   One Alarm after Another
   The Mantel Clock
   How Time Flies

(When invited to come onto
the stage, you will
be treated with respect.)

(This programme
Subject to Change
Without Notice)

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