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Magic of Yesteryear

Le Roy Every land and every age had its magicians, socerers, and wise men. As far back as history is recorded, the literature of all peoples has been filled with tales of magic. Fables of every land have brought thrills to children and adults alike. Elves and imps, fairies and witches, dwarves and giants have kindled the imagination of generation after generation. Wishing wells, magic swords, golden slippers, enchanted coaches, and seven-league boots, all play their parts in magic for the entertainment of old and young.

The Bible tells us there is an entirely different side to magic. We are told of the dream of the Pharaoh in Genesis 4-8. You will recall that he summoned all the magicians of the land to interpret his dreams which had caused him many sleepless nights. You will note that throughout the Bible, magic is mentioned again and again, indicating that magic and mysticism played a tremendous part in the life of the ancients.

In ancient times, the people were taught to believe in the supernatural powers of magic. Today, however, magic is not regarded as being produced by gods or demons. The marvels performed by the ancients were evidently very mystifying, yet, it cannot be said they were more proficient in their art than the magic of Le Roy and other great present-day magicians whose audiences do not believe in the supernatural, but admire these performers for their ability and skill.